Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oi, Fat Lad, Get On Yer Bike!

Hmmm. 40, 16 and a half stone, and mid life crisis. Well, probably a mid life crisis. I've always wondered whether you know if you 'havin' a crisis'. I thought I was having a mid life crisis when I was 36. Is it possible to have two?

Anyways, last time I did any real exercise I was about 15. Just about the time I discovered the opposite sex. And beer. And curry. Sometimes all at the same time :D

I went to college, met my (now) long suffering wife to be, drank a load of Guinness, more beer, discovered wine, ate lots of curry, and before I knew it I had a lovely momento of all my over indulgences - a beautiful beer belly, that gradually swelled to the size I am today!

The interesting thing (well interesting to me) is that it really is just my belly. My legs are sort of normal size. So's my arms. It's just my belly. Just where the quack says it's a 'really bad thing'. The kind that my beautiful 3 daughters amusingly draw like Mr Greedy. Oh, the lovely little tikes (grrr).

Last November a couple of my skittling mates thought it would be a good idea to do a charity cycle to raise money for an all weather surface under the climbing frame in the school playground. They crept up on me after I had (yes, you guessed it) had a few beers. 'Of course' I said. 'Oh dear' I thought. 'Can I?' 'Will I? Well, I had said yes, and I'm not a man to go back on my word.

So, January, on a fine weekend, the bike saw light of day. I bought it a couple of years ago, a mountain bike with front suspension, silver in colour, and with a razor sharp saddle. Lovely. I went out with the kids for a quick cycle. 'Actually, this cycling lark isn't that bad', I thought. A few weekends of cycling with the kids, and I started to get quite excited. 'I can do this'. Slowly but surely.

So here is my blog. The first few posts are a bit of retrospective of my journey up until now.

I'm posting in the hope that some other poor old Mr Greedy might have a read, and get on his bike. And then perhaps another. Why not? A whole country of fat lads getting on their bikes. Brill.

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